– Honda Accord/Prelude gear reduction starter motor with integrated solenoid (Ebay – rebuilt starters, $15-40)

– Heavy duty push button spring loaded switch (NAPA $10)

– 3″ OD, 1/2″ ID pulley (hardware store $6)

– Minibike hand grips ($2)

– Scrap steel (free of course)

– V-Belt (hardware store – $6)

– Long 6’+ battery cables (NAPA $10each). For a more flexible copper cable, try an arc welder ground lead (welding supply house)

Disclaimer: These projects are suggestions and/or educational information. Use any of the ideas, comments, drawings, photos and information on this page at your own risk. Follow your power tool manufacturer’s safety guidelines also. Karting is a fun sport, but not without inherent danger, make sure you play responsibly and safe


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