Feeler for vintage kart collecting dust

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Kyle Tros
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Feeler for vintage kart collecting dust

Post by Kyle Tros » Mon Dec 06, 2021 8:45 am

Hi Guys, A few years back I restored a old Robron Dixie roustabout yard kart and basically turned it into a A Bone for my then 10 year old son. We never really had any place to ride it so after a few parking lot trips and and one indoor kart track run it has hung on the wall of my shop. I took it down the other day and fired it up again. I kinda hate to part with it as I think it is neat as hell but also know someone where vintage karting is a thing may be looking for a almost ready to go set up. BTW the engine is a MC49 converted from a chainsaw by our own David Luciana. It lacks the nice upholstery cause it is so expensive at the time I did not want to add any more money to it as I saw limited opportunity yo ride it here......but boy if we had two of em and a spot to ride. Anyway check it out and if any interest PM me and if not I won't be too upset to keep it hung on the wall after a few more trips up and down the driveway.
If any interest please PM me. I hate to see this go but hate to waste it on the wall if someone in the sport may need or want it.

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