Throttle cable build.

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Throttle cable build.

Post by REAR » Sat Jul 18, 2020 7:11 am

Alway looking for a bargain so while on a recent trip to the local Home Depot for some chain for a swinging chair I was rebuilding I came across bulk cable sold by the foot. What they have is 1/16" stainless cable sold by the foot for 32 cents per foot.

Since I run both sprint and enduros with everything from a single carb flattop to a double carb convential out back mounted motor my cable requirements vary so getting just the right length has always been buy a standard cale and cut it.

Sometimes I've been fortunate to have enough cable left from the cut-off to be able to silver solder a new ball or barrel on and be able to use the remaining cable cut-off however by buying bulk cable I can now cut just what I need and solder on the end of choice. We have also found that this technique works real well for a lot of the modern Laydown enduro karts because some of them take extremely long throttle cables and some with a slide carb require a very small barrel end to work on a slide style carb.

For cable ends I have had good luck with a drilled out BB for the ball ends or a drilled out piece of sold bar stock for barrel ends or K&S brass tubing for slide applications.

For best results always use a liquid type acid flux and silver solder. ... /204765202


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