1963 GK1200 original paint colors

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Re: 1963 GK1200 original paint colors

Post by ted johnson » Tue Jun 22, 2021 5:24 pm

Charlie and I were at Brodhead in, I think, about 2012. There was a guy there with a very nifty 400 with dual "round" West Bends on it. I can't remember which steering wheel it had, bent rod or cast aluminum. It had steel wheels. I really admired that rig, and I considered modeling it in Pro/E and maybe making a couple of bent and cut but unwelded kits like the old days. The pans would have been the hardest part, since the 400 frame tapers to the front. Waterjet Cutting, Inc can easily cut them, but shipping them would cost a bit! The old GK brake would have been s beast to repop, but it might be that clutch shoes and drums could be made to work and look right. The actuating cam might've been tough. We never had 400's in East Central Florida. Bugs and Simplexes were the rule, along with a Hoffco or two. There were a few home builts, and an Alpha. No Darts until about '61. After '61, there were Rathmanns with Rathmann's big shop 230 miles away in Miami.
I hope to see you at Tucson, if Doc will let me get the vaccine. Ted

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