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Rear Guidelines

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 6:26 pm
by Rob Voska
Our motto at R.E.A.R. is 'Run Em The Way They Ran Em' and that is what we try to replicate at THE BIG ONE, the formative years of Karting using accurate representations of early American racing karts. Period or era correct components are highly advised and should be used whenever possible.

Listed below is a simple rule set that the karts and the drivers need to conform to at THE BIG ONE.

#1 Any American made production kart up to 1972 [home built or repo replica also allowed] in a rear engine configuration only.
ABSOLUTELY NO modern sidewinder style karts allowed.

#2 American made 'fan cooled' 2 cycle engines only, any mods, any fuel. 100cc, 135cc, and Dual configurations allowed

#3 Skinny hard tube type tires only preferably on era correct wheels, ABSOLUTELY NO modern sticky ballon style tires.

#4 Full face helmet, eye protection, long pants, abrasive resistent jacket, closed toe shoes, protective gloves, and neck collar must be worn at all times when on track.

#5 All steering and brake components must be safety wired.

#6 If it is not listed here....DON'T BRING IT.