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HL carb video

Posted: Fri Sep 25, 2020 12:39 pm
by ted johnson
Has anybody got a website for a video on properly TRACK adjusting the HL Tillotson carb. I've seen several text articles and a few very crappy videos, but nothing from an experienced karter. I'm trying to help one of our newer members, but it's darn hard to tell someone over the phone how the Hi and Lo speed needles need to be set so that the engine pulls hard off the turns and gets top RPM on the straight without being too lean. We who've been there for years know these things instinctively, but it's hard to convey these thoughts to someone new to the sport. A good video on this site, or a link to a proper no B.S. video would sure help the newer folks. I have no access to video equipment, and I have not been running since this Chinese plague has been screwing up our nation. Thanks! Ted ;)