REAR Tire Rule Update August 2013

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REAR Tire Rule Update August 2013

Post by Rob Voska » Mon Jul 11, 2011 8:13 am

Over the years we at REAR have worked hard at maintaining stability in the historical karting world. We have not made any changes since we first printed our rules so many years ago. We have maintained the “skinny hard” tire rule. It’s now time to approve a new product that has been reproduced to a high standard.

Beginning this year REAR is allowing MOST but not all of the Vintage Speed tires that are of the old square style. These tires are copy's of the GoodYear Blue Streak and Carlisle slick old style tires only.

Front 11 x 3.50 - 5 & 4.10 x 3.50 - 4
Rear 11 x 4.50 - 5 & 11 x 6.00 - 5

NO TIRE OF ANY MODERN shape, design or style will be allowed. PERIOD!