Safety is all too often the last thing on a karters mind. Why? Because running your kart is fun, working on it is not and many times safety issues are just plain overlooked. We must change this way of thinking and make safety issues a priority. It’s quite amazing to see a “modern” kart have something fall off or break and it’s always because of a “trick” part or because of the latest lightweight technology. On the other hand when a “vintage” kart breaks the modern guys all say it is because vintage karts are old pieces of junk that should not be on the track. We can’t change this thinking; we can only hope to prevent it. Track insurance regulations are getting stricter everyday so we have to do EVERYTHING possible to fit in with their safety requirements or risk not being able to run at a commercial race track. With this in mind take a good look at the easy to make and affordable safety wire (cotter pin) jig you can make at home that can be used over and over again. Then take a good long look at your kart and start to drill the needed components. All steering related bolts, clevis pins, brake components etc,,,, good luck and happy karting!

If you don’t like drilling your own, consider buying them predrilled. Once source for predrilled hardware is Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies , AN fasteners are on pages 78 and 79 of their online catalog.


Disclaimer: These projects are suggestions and/or educational information. Use any of the ideas, comments, drawings, photos and information on this page at your own risk. Follow your power tool manufacturer’s safety guidelines also. Karting is a fun sport, but not without inherent danger, make sure you play responsibly and safe


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