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ted johnson
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Photon Kart for sale

Post by ted johnson » Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:03 am

I am going to stop karting. My health is going downhill, and I no longer have help in getting my karts to the track. My Photon is one of the very nicest REAR engine karts in captivity. It looks great, handles like it's on rails and is very fast. Pruit Ginsberg and I designed the chassis together on CAD, and he had the 1" X .083 wall 4130 tubing bent. I jigged the frame up and we had Ben Herr weld it. It has real (not repop) CT Alloy aluminum wheels all around. Cheng Shin tires. The accessories are all top quality. There's a Covico wheel, a fabricated swing mount I designed and Jack Canady welded. The Bonbright modified 610 Chrysler Libberton has been ported, polished crank, latest con rod, PVL electronic mag, Wiseco +,010 thin ring piston. It uses +.030 or +.040 Mc91 rings. It has a Tom Kelley 2nd edition manifold with the Yammie YZ125 reed cage and Boyesen reeds. I CAD designed the carb adapter for the dual HL227 alky Tilly carbs. The gear throttle is Hartman. There's a 10T Rev Grip dry clutch with Terry Ives shoes and spring. All the flat parts are water jet cut, even the new foot pedals. Terry Ives drove the kart at Tuscon in 2019 for a number of laps. He liked kart and engine. It'll outrun most 91 Macs and most 820 Bends. It is for PICK UP only, as my health precludes me building a crate. I will send a couple more pics if you want. $4500 FIRM, and worth it! PM me. Ted Johnson
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