DOA Maico Engray engine

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Gordon Duax
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DOA Maico Engray engine

Post by Gordon Duax » Wed Oct 04, 2017 10:36 am

Feel like a challenge ?
Have a pretty beat up 175cc Maico engine that could be saved, and used as a runner.

Swallowed a wrist pin cir-clip.
Piston trashed, but upper end of cylinder only has minor damage.
The intake port took one big hit, but because it's below the ring area, I think it could be filled with a good epoxy, and the engine would never know it.
Have located a modern piston with the correct bore (Yamaha 340cc sled engine), but pin height is off by .200", so to use it, the jug would need to be shortened.

No ignition, but cases could be modified to take something from another engine,
such as a strait shaft Yamaha.

And one mount foot is broke off, but could be welded back on.

I have too many projects as it is, and this one is way down the list.

$250 + shipping to your ZIP code from San Antonio, TX
E-mail for pictures, and shipping quote -

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