Rupp grand a progress

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Rick majka
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Rupp grand a progress

Post by Rick majka » Sun Feb 10, 2019 2:39 pm

Making some progress on my kart. Removing the cobbled up un factory bars and supports.

Rob Voska
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Re: Rupp grand a progress

Post by Rob Voska » Sun Feb 10, 2019 5:17 pm

Looks like you did a pretty good job. When cutting stuff off of an old chassis I hacksaw as close as possible and never mark the original tube. Then a take a 4" grinder and grind the weld down close. Making sure everything is clamped and rigid and brace my arms when handling the grinder. NOTE ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION! Then when I get as close as my skills let me I take a flat file & start filing one deliberate stroke at a time. I also ground the edges of the file so the file edge can't dig into my frame. If I get carried away and leave a mark I will wend it. If I file it out I will leave a low spot that will show after painting. It's an interesting process and some spray blue helps to keep your file marks where you want them and helps to visualize the highs and lows. When you get it right when you run your had over it you can't really feel anything. Then I polish it with some 100 grit shop roll and it's good to go. If the weld is close to or even hits a factory weld then it's much harder.

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