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Re: New member Help Identify Vintage Kart

Post by ted johnson » Tue Dec 04, 2018 7:21 pm

Mark, I've run the Riverside (Adams) event once, in 2016. I don't travel to out of state events now, due to bad health. Of course, I know and respect Louie, and Faye as well. My late Pop was a Bug dealer starting in late '58. I ran the kart shop until we closed it a few years later, when I got more interested in hot cars and hotter girls. We knew Faye and her husband, Tom Pierson, of course. You'll have fun at Adams, and at the old Bug plant. Good luck with the dentist! Call when you can. I'm just finishing a new carb setup on the Photon kart right now, and need to get the engine and clutch housing back onto my Nike. I probably won't get to run until April, but I want everything ready. Ron C. and I were talking maybe of going down to Tucson before the event to shake down both of our setups. Just a couple karters getting the bugs out of our gear, but you'd be welcome if we do go. Ted

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