Friday Early Move-In At TBO

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Friday Early Move-In At TBO

Post by REAR » Mon Aug 28, 2017 5:40 pm

We will be allowing trucks-trailers to be moved on to the grounds after 11:00 am on Friday morning.

Please DO NOT try to pull your trailer or truck into the pits early, you will be asked to remove your vehicle until you are shown where to park.

Please DO NOT pull in double wide in driveway or block the street. We need to have access for event support vehicles prior to allowing trailer parking.

We would like everyone's cooperation while parking so please be patient and lets all work together because we do not want to be forced to start charging for reserve parking like some shady promoters do.

Once again this year we will be making everyone who shows up on Friday purchase a weekend two day, single day or Friday only Pit Pass or drivers pass before you are allowed entry to the property.

A one day Driver or Pit Pass will be good for both Friday move in and Saturday activities. A two day Driver or two day Pit Pass will be good for Friday move in, Saturday, and Sunday activities. Everyone on the grounds is required to have a Pit Pass, you must purchase a Pit Pass even if you are only on the grounds on Friday only. There will be no exceptions, these are track rules which we must follow.

Drive safe, see you in a few days...THE BIG ONE !


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